Smooth Favorites Advertising And interviews

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Payment Terms for broadcasts:
  • All broadcast prices quoted are NET
  • One month minimum for weekly and daily advertising rates
  • Three months minimum for programs
  • Terms: payment in advance; PayPal or credit card
We will help you develop a media presence that is designed as a professional and upbeat story about you and your business. Smooth Favorites advertising and interviews offers you the platform to be heard!

We understand that our listeners don't want to be bombarded with a constant stream of interruptions of pages littered with banner ads, but they do appreciate good information along with their entertainment.

Once each hour we present well-produced and well-received promotions from quality business partners, like your business. Two minutes of quality business promotion is something that both listeners and our partnering businesses appreciate.

We promote you with an interview program that is aired on our talk channel.
But we don't stop there. You commercial and interview can be linked back to your own website so that your visitors can hear about your business, in your own voice!


Here listeners hear you anywhere in the world! Internet streaming is included for all live and recorded radio shows. 

  • Advertising here is affordable and builds your media presence.
  • Transforms your website from a bland "online brochure" into a lively and interactive experience for visitors!
  • Identifies you as a credible expert in your profession.
  • Builds networking opportunities with potential clients and vendors.
  • You can link interviews and commercials to your website!
  • As an added bonus we maintain and provide to you a library of your commercials, interviews and media features.
  • We help you discover the power of digital media for your business.