Here listeners hear you anywhere in the world! Internet streaming is included for all live and recorded radio shows. 

Payment Terms for broadcasts:

  • All broadcast prices quoted are NET
  • One month minimum for weekly and daily advertising rates
  • Three months minimum for programs
  • Terms: payment in advance; Check, PayPal or credit card

Have you ever wanted to host your own radio show? Well, now you can! With the cooperation of our sister online radio station, the experts here at Smooth Jazz radio online will provide the platform, technical expertise and advice to make your professional  broadcast a reality!

A sample of possible formats include:

  • Political talk shows
  • Sports talk shows
  • Health and wellness topics
  • Financial news and interviews
  • Religious programming
  • Multi-level business opportunities and down line communications
  • Music shows
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There are many reasons why business owners and community professionals host their own shows. Many community leaders are surprised to find that they have what it takes to host a radio show that is broadcast on online radio.

Some schedule shows once per week, once or twice a month and some make a regular daily appointment to meet their customers and audience by using digital media.

What does it take to host a show? First, a knowledge of what you'll be talking about. That is over half the battle! If you are an expert in your profession, if you have a good handle on current issues, and if you enjoy talking to people, it is very likely that you may have what it takes to be a successful show host.

It helps if you have a sense of humor and are intelligent. Can you share your business ideas with others? Do you have unique knowledge, training and experience in your industry? If so, we need to talk!

Host a show!

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